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Windshield Repair

Yes , we perform free windshield repair for all insured vehicles. No deductible applies when a repair is needed instead of a replacement. Come to us and we will authorize that service with your insurance company.


Why replace the windshield if a repair is possible?


Most windshield repairs are covered by your insurance policy and have no deductible. Repairing also saves the costs of an expensive replacement.

Taking quick action will help you get rid of most minor cracks or chips in your windshield. As time passes, though, the damage will worsen and replacing the glass will become necessary.

Common types of breaks such as the bullseye, half-moon and star can be repaired if they are less than the size of a quarter, they are not located directly in the driver's line of sight and they are taken care of by a skilled technician.

It’s very simple: don’t wait until it’s too late and take action right now.