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Perma-Shine paint protection

Perma-Shine paint protection is developed through extensive research of chemical engineers and color experts. The result has been a perfect paint protection at a reasonable cost. With a deep penetrating cleanser opens pores in the paintwork and allows the removal of dead paint particles and polish residues. Thereafter the paintwork are treated with a special formulation consisting of teflon, silicones, Resins, acrylics and deep penetrating color-preserving substances. These penetrates the paint down to the metal and refresh the paintwork to its original color through activating and enclose each individually paint molecule. Every lacquer molecule is protected against attack.

It protects your paint against the elements and the usual onslaughts including

  • acid rain
  • UV rays
  • salt
  • water spotting
  • bird droppings
  • pollution
  • bug splatters
  • tree sap
  • mud, dirt, and sand