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SnoPro / CargoPro

SnoPro Trailers

Why go Snopro

Through years of rigorous product testing and research, Snopro, Inc. has developed custom aluminum extrusions that add enormous strength in key stress areas, without adding unnecessary weight.

Enclosed Snopro and Cargopro trailers feature “D” rated tires. This ensures maximum strength, performance and payload capacity while towing. Capacities can differ by up to 400 pounds (per tire) versus inferior C-rated tires. In addition, our products feature only radial-ply tires, pre-balanced for longer tire life.

Snopro’s open trailer units come standard with 5/8” plywood decking, pre-treated to protect against moisture and UV damage. This process extends the lifetime of the decking and reduces maintenance costs.

Snopro uses the highest quality materials and components to construct their electrical systems. From molded trailer plugs to continuous, color-coded wire harnesses, each trailer complies with NATM standards.

Snopro has worked closely with many manufacturers to design and develop trailer parts tailored to our exact specifications. Couplers come pre-drilled, ensuring precise mounting alignment with our trailer designs. To protect against corrosion, each of our couplers come with a protective zinc coating.

At Snopro, Inc., our commitment to quality echoes through the excellence of our craftsmanship. Receiving hands-on training and a comprehensive certification course, our workers pride themselves in delivering a quality that is second to none.

Sometimes it’s what you can’t see that makes the difference. All enclosed Snopro and Cargopro models wiring is run through the framework, protected by a plastic conduit, or inside a specially designed wire tray. These methods provide increased protection against damage to the wire or its insulation. Additionally, our wire harnesses fully comply with NATM standard trailer color codes.